“Tell Me Your Story, Coach” podcast by Coach Kevin Mondro

The “Tell Me Your Story, Coach” Podcast is a coaches’ podcast by Coach Kevin Mondro. During Coach Mondro’s 2nd college practice ever at Detroit Mercy in 1993, Coach Perry Watson shortened “Mondro” to “Dro”. Thus, Dro was born. A few years later, Coach Dro started his coaching path. Coach Dro has been a mid-major college coach over the last 20 years, with stops at Detroit Mercy for Perry Watson, Loyola Chicago for Jim Whitesell, and Rob Murphy at Eastern Michigan. This past season, Coach Dro assisted Fred Castro with the EMU Women’s Basketball team. The “Tell Me Your Story, Coach” Podcast is not about Coach Dro. On the contrary, it is simply about advocating coaches and helping young coaches learn from the coaches telling these stories. Coach Dro has had conversations with coaches from all different levels. Like our players, coaches deserve some time this off-season to get better. Insert the Tell Me Your Story Podcast into your weekly improvement plan. You will truly like the conversations! 

Here is the link to Coach Dro’s Podcast: https://tellmeyourstorycoach.buzzsprout.com/