The B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program

B180 Basketball, Inc. has announced the official release of their product “The B180 Basketball
Fundamental Skills Program”. The program benefits individuals ages 11 & up (middle school,  high
school, college, & pro) in the development of their all-around basketball fundamental skills. The program combines key basketball fundamental skill workouts of shooting, ball handling, perimeter & post footwork development, passing, defense, & free throw shooting into 11 skill focused instructional card sets that an individual can take with them to the gym.

The B180 Basketball Fundamental Skill Program is a 60 day challenge that also provides an individual with an easy to follow training calendar, a set of 15 mini training cones, and an official B180 Basketball to get started. Whether a player wants to improve their ball handling or their jump shot, B180 Basketball sets the bar high and delivers results. Champions Begin Here!

Pricing and Availability

The B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program is available for purchase at

The price is $99.95

Pre-Order now and get 25% off (use coupon code B18025 at checkout) and a FREE water bottle
The pre-order offer is good until August 31, 2015

About B180 Basketball, Inc.

B180 Basketball, Inc. is a company based in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan. B180 Basketball offers individual athletes a reliable, high quality basketball training product. Basketball safety products are also offered. Below is a list of the products offered:

Training Products
● B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program

Safety Products
● Knee Braces
● Ankle Braces
● Mouth Guards
● Shoe inserts (foot sole support)

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