The DirtKing is off to Houston…..

The Dirtking is off to Houston! I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight, so I thought I’d get a few things up. I will try to blog throughout my trip – mostly during the few sober hours….

A few thoughts about my trip first…..

Deciding last minute to go to the Final Four was not a great logistical idea. First, I have a connection in Detroit – I can assure you Detroit is not even close to “on the way” to Houston from where I am leaving from. Should be a long day of travel ….ugh. Also, the NABC was fine with my late registration (I’m sure they don’t mind the $75 late fee), but they stuck me pretty far from the convention center. I’ll be at the Renaissance which looks to be 9 miles (or a 25 minute shuttle ride) away. Looks like a lot of late night cab rides on this trip – great. Finally, the worst decision of the day so far was to get the Fudruckers breakfast combo. Bacon, egg, and cheese with fries and a coke at 7:00am. I am definitely going to yak on this flight – and I’m sure I will be sitting next to some fat guy – it always works like that, doesn’t it? Anyway, here’s today’s dirt…..

I’ve heard that Indian Hills CC has a press conference scheduled for today to announce their new head coach. According to my sources, it looks like Utah assistant Barret Peery is the choice here. Peery had tremendous success as the head coach at the College of Southern Idaho where he won 85 games in three years.

It sounds like Towson has focused in on three candidates. UNC assistant Jerod Haase, Xavier assistant Pat Kelsey, and Pitt assistant Pat Skerry. Towson AD Mike Waddell has made it clear that he wants a young, hungry assistant who will get out there and get players. All three of these guys fit the bill.

Florida assistant Larry Shyatt is emerging as the new leader at Wyoming (it seems like there’s a new leader every week – will someone take this job already???) Shyatt was the head coach at Wyoming in 1997-98 before moving on to Clemson. There was an ugly break-up the first time around, but it appears that is now water under the bridge. Look for an announcement here as early as today.

Georgia head coach Mark Fox has begun negotiating a new contract with AD Greg McGarity. Fox’s name had come up with a number of searches this off season, and it seems like UGA wants to show him some love to try to keep him long-term.