Thomas era (error?) off to a shaky start

Apparently new Florida International coach Isiah Thomas is not honoring any commitments that the previous staff had made to their incoming recruits. While this is not necessarily an uncommon practice, it seems the way Thomas is doing it is upsetting a lot of people. The link to the article is at the bottom, but this quote sums it all up:

"I hope in the future we have a player (Thomas) wants, because he won’t get them," Rosebrock said. "The door at Wolfson is closed to him. This was handled about as badly as you can do it."

Not a great way to start at FIU. Zeke has to know that he’s going to be under the microscope here and should make every effort to make sure there are no screw ups. We’ll keep you posted on this situation.

Also, came across this from Letterman – it’s hilarious – a must see! A little video about FIU and Isiah’s hiring (fast forward to the 9:15 mark). Probably not the type of press FIU wanted from this hiring, but REALLY funny.…