USC / Holy Cross updates

Only two searches going on right now – here are some updates…..


AD Mike Garrett is going to meet with Reggie Theus today. He has also reportedly met with Lakers assistant Jim Clemons. It sounds more and more like Garrett wants someone with NBA experience. PJ Carlesimo is reportedly on the short list as well. Theus was born in Inglewood, has coached in college and the NBA, and has a "recognizable" name. He may be exactly what Garrett is looking for as he tries to clean up the program. From what I hear, and announcement is going to be made quickly – this will not drag out much longer.

Holy Cross

The first interview is scheduled for today with Notre Dame assistant Sean Kearney. I believe he’s a long shot. AD Dick Regan wants someone with head coaching experience. I’ve been saying all along that I think Tom Herrion is the man for this job, but I think I’ve been hyping the wrong brother. This may be a better fit for Tom’s brother Billy (the head coach at New Hampshire). He’s been a head coach for 18 seasons at UNH, Drexel, and East Carolina. He’s from Oxford, MA (near Worcester), and he can flat out coach. He is as intense as anyone on the sidelines and gets a lot out of the players that he has. I’ve heard that there is interest from both sides on this one. I’ll keep you updated as to anything else that develops.