USF’s Gregory extended through 2026

University of South Florida Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly announced a series of contract extensions for USF Athletics head coaches – including football coach Jeff Scott, men’s basketball coach Brian Gregory and women’s basketball coach Jose Fernandez – that fortifies the leadership of the Bulls’ sports programs for the foreseeable future.
As a result of contract extensions put in place over the last year, all head coaches of USF’s 19 sports programs have now been either hired by—and/or had their contracts extended by – Kelly, who assumed leadership of the athletic department in August of 2018.
“When I observe all of the recent turnover in college sports, it is my belief that USF’s best path forward to growing success is through continuity and stability in as many leadership positions as possible,” Kelly said. “Attracting and maintaining high-quality head coaches that view USF as a destination and who are fully committed to the vision we have for the future is critical. We have seen as our head coaches’ tenures have grown, so in turn have the strength and success of our programs and student-athletes.
“We have been through a lot together which has made us stronger as a department and gives me confidence for the future.  I believe in these head coaches, their commitment to excellence in the classroom, community and competition, and in the young women and men that they have recruited to Team USF.  Together, we will achieve great things.”
All USF head coaches are now under contract through at least the 2023 season, with head sailing coach Allison Jolly, in her 18th season leading the program, on an annually renewed contract.
The current contractual status of the head coaches can be found in table below:
USF HEAD COACHES – Year hired and season contracted through
Sport                                 Coach                         Year Hired          Season Contracted Through
Baseball                             Billy Mohl                    2017 (June)        Through 2026 season
Men’s Basketball              Brian Gregory               2017 (March)      Through 2025-26 season
Women’s Basketball         Jose Fernandez           2000 (Nov.)         Through 2026-27 season
Football                             Jeff Scott                      2019 (Dec.)         Through 2026 season
Men’s Golf                         Steve Bradley               2014 (July)         Through 2026 season
Women’s Golf                    Erika Brennan               2017 (Dec.)       Through 2023 season
Women’s Sailing                Allison Jolly                   2004                   Annually renewed
Men’s Soccer                     Bob Butehorn                2016 (Dec.)       Through 2023 season
Women’s Soccer                Denise Schilte-Brown   2006 (Dec.)       Through 2025 season
Women’s Softball               Ken Eriksen                  1997                   Through 2026 season
Men’s Tennis                      Ashley Fisher                2016 (July)         Through 2024 season
Women’s Tennis                Cristina Moros               2015 (May)        Through 2024 season
M&W Track & Field & XC  Erik Jenkins                   2019 (June)       Through 2026 season
Women’s Volleyball           Jolene Shepardson       2020 (Jan.)         Through 2024 season

Men’s basketball coach Brian Gregory is in his fifth season and led the Bulls to a program-record 24 wins and CBI Championship in 2019.

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