Wainwright’s Days Numbered at DePaul?

Jerry Wainwright’s Blue Demon’s fell to 0-11 in the Big East (8-16 overall) this past weekend. With 7 games left, tonight’s match-up with Seton Hall is a big one. The Blue Demon’s have remaining games with Louisville, Pitt, Georgetown, Villanova, St. John’s, and West Virginia. Tonight’s game, and the 2/28 game vs. St. John’s seem to be the best chances for DePaul to avoid a winless Big East season. The loss of senior guard Jabari Currie (knee surgery) will not help the cause either. Currie was the only 4-year senior on the roster and is one of Depaul’s all-time leaders in three-point percentage and assists.

In a January 28th interview with the Southtown Star, Depaul AD Jean Lenti Ponsetto gave her support to Coach Wainwright. She said, "We think we have what it takes to be successful. At the end of the day, we would say Jerry is doing his job and providing the leadership and direction for our program. From a basketball perspective, he knows how to have success against coaches in the league, and that’s a positive. Our grade-point average and graduation rate in men’s basketball is one of the best we’ve ever had, and their work in the community … Jerry has paid close attention to all of that."

That’s great – he knows how to beat coaches in the league – problem is he hasn’t this year. In his 3-plus seasons at DePaul, Wainwright is 20-41 in the Big East (51-64 overall). The Blue Demons finished 13th in 2005-2006, 12th in 2007-2008, and are poised for another finish at the bottom this season. They may sneak a win out vs. either Seton Hall (winners of 4 straight) or St. John’s, but that may not be enough. There is a lot of sentiment in the DePaul community that a change needs to be made. Ponsetto may stand behind Wainwright now (it’s the right thing to do in the middle of the season), but her attitude may be different after another last-place finish. It’s the DirtKing’s opinion that Wainwright is a gonner.

Also, interesting site to check out. Came across it while researching this story. Not sure if I like these site’s or not, but they are becoming increasingly popular. One sided, but an interesting point of view.