What’s going on at Arizona?

What is going on with Arizona and their search to replace Lute Olson? AD Jim Livengood has had since October (when Olson resigned) to conduct this search. Kentucky and Virginia both hired within a week of dismissing their coaches. Alabama, got their man in Anthony Grant last week. Not only do I not understand the delay, I can’t believe all of the conflicting reports coming out of Tucson. Yesterday, we heard reports that Mark Few was going to get the job:


Today, ESPN is reporting that it’s going to be Tim Floyd:


Two days ago the same radio station (620 KTAR ESPN’s Tucson affiliate) reported that Pitino was getting the job.

Arizona has also been rumored to have interest in Jeff Capel:


My point here is that this is getting very messy and drawn out. Instead of hiring quickly and decisively, Livengood has let this get out of control. Because of how long it’s taken, the rumor mill has gotten out of control. When Olson resigned in October, Livengood stressed how important this hire would be for him personally and the school. This process has not made him look very good so far. He’s going to need to make a splash with a big hire to save a little face.

This is a very confusing situation, and I’ll keep you posted as I hear more.