What’s the deal at Indian River?

So, yesterday the job at Indian River State came across my desk. I posted the job opening even though it seemed kind of strange. IRSC is one of the top JC’s in Florida, and their coach – John Picchiarini – had only been on the job for a year. In that one season, he managed to win 20 games and win Southern Conference Coach of the Year honors. I did some digging and discovered a pretty strange story – here’s what I’ve heard….

Apparently Coach Picchiarini resigned on 9/17. He had been a part-time head coach making $3,455 for the season. He had lobbied the athletic department to make the job full-time, but was told it wouldn’t happen. Here’s the crazy part….when IRSC posted the job (you can see it in out jobs section), they made it full-time with a salary in the high $50,000’s. When Picchiarini saw this, he re-applied for the job! I have no idea what’s going to happen here. Assistant coach Roger Dorio has taken over for now, but the athletic department will be accepting applications until October 6th (practice actually starts before that). It would be very difficult to hire someone to come in after practice starts and expect them to put their own stuff in, not to mention get the respect of the players.

Every year I see things that i’ve never seen happen in this business – this situation is a new one to me. For you young guys trying to break in, here’s another example of how crazy this business is! I am very curious to see how this one will play out.