Auburn suspends assistant coach Bowman

Auburn has released the following statement regarding the status of assistant men’s basketball coach Ira Bowman;

“As we continue to gather information regarding a situation that recently arose, it is important that we be thorough and proactive, yet prudent and cautious. Therefore, Ira Bowman will not coach or participate in any responsibilities with the men’s basketball program until we fully assess all the issues.” 

The “situation” that is being referenced stems from Bowman’s time as an assistant at Penn. Former Penn head coach (and current Celtics assistant) Jerome Allen testified on Friday in a federal case that he accepted roughly $300,000 in bribes from a Florida businessman to help get the man’s son into the Ivy League school using a basketball priority slot (this is not at all related to the latest Felicity Huffman / Lori Loughlin scandal).

Allen testified that Bowman suggested a separate bank account be set up for the bribes, and that he gave Bowman a debit card for the account receiving the bribery money.

More on the Allen case from HERE.

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