Bozeman getting squeezed at Morgan State

After a remarkable year at Morgan State, Todd Bozeman is feeling the pressure to sign a new contract. After leading the Bears to a 23-12 record this past season and a NCAA Tournament appearance, Bozeman’s contract has expired. Apparently negotiations have hit a road block and the Morgan State administration has given Bozeman a deadline of today to sign a new deal.

This is too bad – Bozeman has really turned the Bears program around. He is 58-41 in his 3 seasons at the helm, including back-to-back 20+ win seasons and two straight post-season appearances. He should be rewarded for the job that he has done.

The other issue here is the job market – Bozeman is in a tough situation. This is one of the quietest years in recent memory for job openings, so Bozeman does not have a lot of leverage. He is definitely a "hot" name after the job he has done at Morgan State, but he doesn’t have a lot of options due to the lack of openings.

I hope he and the administration can work out a deal that benefits both sides and he continues to be successful at Morgan State.

**UPDATE: Bozeman agrees to new deal 4/24**