BREAKING REPORT: Sean Miller will not coach tonight at Oregon

According to the Arizona Daily Star’s Greg Hansen, Arizona head coach Sean Miller will not be on the sidelines for today’s match-up at Oregon. Hansen reports that the players have been informed of the decision.

Bombshell news of Miller’s potential involvement in the college basketball pay for play FBI investigation broke last night. Earlier this season, Arizona assistant Book Richardson was fired following his arrest for his involvement in the scandal. Miller made the following statement at the time of Richardson’s arrest:

“I was devastated to learn last week of the allegations made against Emanuel Richardson. I have expressed to both (University of Arizona President) Dr. Robbins and our Athletic Director Dave Heeke that I fully support the University’s efforts to fully investigate these allegations.  As the head basketball coach at the University of Arizona, I recognize my responsibility is not only to establish a culture of success on the basketball court and in the classroom, but as important, to promote and reinforce a culture of compliance. To the best of my ability, I have worked to demonstrate this over the past 8 years and will continue to do so as we move forward.”

More on this story as it continues to develop.

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