Candidates at Hawaii

A number of candidates are beginning to surface at Hawaii. Here are who I’ve heard as possible replacements for Bob Nash, who was fired yesterday. The job will pay between $185,000 and $400,000 – and can be increased by as much as 25% by the president.

Jarinn Akana – A UH alum (1994), has spent 6 season as an assistant in the NBA (Denver and Milwaukee). He’s a local favorite, and has a ton of support from the community.

Reggie Theus – former New Mexico State and Sacramento Kings Head Coach. Not sure what the connection is here, but apparently there is some interest on both sides.

Jeff Law – Hawaii-Hilo Head Coach. Is 178-139 in 12 years at UH-Hilo. Obviously knows how to recruit Hawaii and understands the rigors of travel from the island. He’s also a former UH assistant.

Gib Arnold – Former assistant at USC. His father was the head coach at UH 11-45 at UH (86-87) before resigning to become an assistant at Arizona State. The younger Arnold graduated from Punahou School in Hawaii.

St. Mary’s coach Randy Bennett and Kentucky assistant Scott Rigot have also been mentioned. I’ll keep you updated on the search as I hear more.