Harvard Basketball Coaches Clinic

Tommy Amaker, The Thomas G. Stemberg ’71 Family Endowed Coach for Harvard Men’s Basketball, has announced that the ninth annual Harvard Basketball Coaches Clinic will be held Sunday, Oct. 25 at Lavietes Pavilion from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The clinic will begin with opening remarks from Coach Amaker. Those in attendance will then have

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As we all know, fundraising is stressful. You need to make your program better, but you can’t get the money to buy the training tools necessary to build a successful program. The community is tired of buying cookie dough and pizza, and the government has passed laws banning the sale of candy in school. You’re

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2015 John Groce Basketball Coaches Clinic

Registration is underway here for the annual John Groce Fighting Illini Basketball Coaches Clinic, scheduled for Oct. 16-17 at the Ubben Basketball Practice Facility on the University of Illinois campus. This year’s clinic features talks by head coach John Groce along with special guest speakers Seth Greenberg and Herb Sendek, and includes three Illini practices,

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DraftKings Millionaire Maker Week 3

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Bob Huggins Coaches Clinic – October 24th

West Virginia University and head coach Bob Huggins will host a clinic for interested coaches on Oct. 24th at the WVU Men’s Basketball Practice Facility. Attendees to the clinic will gain access to WVU team practice as well as Division II Mountain East champion Glenville State. Speakers include Bob Huggins, Ron Everhart, Erik Martin, Larry

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USA Basketball Announces Youth Coach Academy Stops

  USA Basketball Youth Coach Academy is designed to provide coaches valuable insight and education on how to teach the game of basketball to young people, as well as how to implement fun, safe and feasible programming throughout various organizations. The Academy will be presented in a one-day format with a kickoff reception held either

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Lees McRae College Men’s Basketball presents: Dunk Mountain Coaching Clinic

Saturday, September 26th 9:00 Tony Hardin Retired High School Coach (TN) Topic: Fusion Match-Up Zone Defense 10:00 Jason Allison Appalachian State University Assistant Coach Topic: Early Offense & Playing Fast 11:00 Marc Payne Retired High School Coach (NC) Topic: 1-4 Offensive Sets 12:00 LUNCH Keith “Mister” Jennings Lees-McRae College Assistant Coach Topic: Leads Roundtable 1:00

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The Ultimate Assist Coach’s Clinic – FREE

The Ultimate Assist Free Basketball Coaching Clinic on Saturday September 26th starting at 10am featuring ESPN’s Seth Greenburg, DePaul’s Dave Leitao amongst others. On Sunday September 27th starting at 10am featuring Xavier’s Chris Mack, Miami of Ohio John Cooper, Northern Kentucky’s John Brannen and Richmond’s Chris Mooney! When: Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 10:00 AM

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GUEST BLOG: Leadership (Kevin Sutton – Assistant Coach Georgetown)

HoopDirt.com Guest Blog: Leadership – Kevin Sutton Assistant Coach Georgetown Recently, I was having a conversation with one of my former players, who I  like to call my “living trophies”. He is an assistant at another high major  program and we were discussing leadership. As a player, he was one of the  greatest leaders I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching. And now as a coach,  I feel like he has maintained and even improved his amazing ability to lead.  That conversation drove me to write down my thoughts on how one can be  an effective leader as a coach.      Here are my thoughts on leadership:    Great Coaches and Leaders:​ ​ I. Know how to manage and lead different personalities well:​ A. They create an atmosphere where opinions are welcome.​ B. They allow for ownership of the team to be shared without sacrificing the  whole for its parts.​ ​ II. Know that their egos must come last:​ A. They understand the importance of the proverb “A candle loses nothing  by lighting another candle, but creates twice the illumination.”​ B. They know that when one person on the team has success, we all have  success. ​ ​ III. Are great at communicating:​ A. They have an understanding of the many different forms of  communicating: verbal, non-verbal, written, email, twitter, facebook, etc.​ B. They have the ability to clearly and consciously articulate the mission,  vision, objective and strategy of their program or company that will lead to  success.​ ​ IV. Treat their staff, and everyone affiliated with their program, with respect  and dignity:​ A. They take the time to get to know their people on a personal level.​ B. They foster a family atmosphere. ​ ​ V. Have a thirst for knowledge, for learning and for teaching: ​ A. They are willing to learn different ways to do their job better and  experiment with new methods, even if their old ways are proven to work well.​ B. They are constantly asking questions. ​ C. They try to stay on the cutting edge in their profession.​ D. They use every opportunity to teach. “Teachable Moments” are when they  shine the brightest. ​ ​ VI. Have a tremendous “feel” for their profession or craft:​ A. They know whom to play, when to play them and for how long.​

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