Daily Dirt – 3/4/20

Starting to get busy around here! I tweeted yesterday that the O/U on DI openings this week was 6 – two popped after that tweet, so we’re trending towards the over. A bunch of D2’s and D3’s have opened this week as well (with more coming in the next few days). Here are a few things that I’ve heard…

  • I’ve heard that UNC Wilmington AD Jimmy Bass is running this one without the help of a search firm. Current interim head coach Rob Burke is definitely in play as well as former UNCW assistant (and current NC State assistant) Takayo Siddle. It sounds like two former D1 head coaches are also in the mix.
  • IUPUI has been moving quickly with their search with Parker on board to assist. It sounds like they have a good group lined up, with initial contact made to a bunch of them. One name that I keep hearing is UIndy head coach Stan Gouard.
  • At least three other mid-majors already have search firms in place – those official announcements will come as soon as they get bounced form their conference tournaments (hint: one could be tonight).

  • D3 Franklin & Marshall is working to replace long-time head coach Glenn Robinson who retired after 48 years at the beginning of the season. Since the AD is also retiring, I’ve heard from multiple sources that Eddie Fogler is helping with this search. Sounds like the job will pay just over $80k, with some Ivy League assistants being identified.
  • In case you missed the DIRT from yesterday: D3 Fredonia State has opened (heard AD is already reaching out to candidates), and D2 Maryville U (MO) released their coach. Official announcements on these are still pending.
  • The up-to-date list of coaching changes at all levels can be found HERE.
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