Daily Dirt: D3 Search Updates

Updates on some ongoing D3 searches…

Tufts University (MA): Job has been offered and accepted. Official announcement coming at the beginning of the week. I’ll roll with the name shortly.

Bowdoin College (ME): I can confirm that an offer has been made. Not sure if it has been accepted yet. More as I hear it.

Pratt Institute (NY): I have heard that there are four finalists here: Chris Manning (assistant coach Rochester), David Muchnick (assistant coach NYU), Chris Thompson (assistant coach Stevens Tech), and a current D3 head coach from outside of the region. Interviews wrapped up last week, and a decision is expected shortly.

Ithaca College (NY): Multiple sources have told me that Ithaca College has narrowed it down to 3-4 finalists. Final round interviews are expected to start next week.

Emmanuel College (MA): This one is moving slowly. The job opened during the last week of April – still has not been officially posted. I will share the posting once it becomes available.

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