DBO Dirt…

Before I get into the dirt, I just wanted to clarify the Director of Basketball Operations abbreviation.  It is DBO, not DOBO like many of the younger guys like to refer to it.  I was an assistant at the DI level when this position was invented (and when most of the current DBO’s were in diapers) – it was DBO then, and it’s DBO now.  Best example – the United States of America is USA, not USOA.  Make sense?  Ok, good, now that we’re all on the same page, here are a few DBO hirings that I’ve heard…

  • I can confirm that Joe Sullivan is the new DBO at Harvard.  He spent the past five seasons on Chris Mack’s staff at Xavier, most recently serving as the graduate assistant.
  • I have heard that Corey Schmidt will be added as the DBO at New Orleans.  He had been a graduate manager at Belmont for the past two seasons, and was a student manager for the Privateers before that.
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  • Darryl Harris

    Anthony Register is the new DBO at University of Central Florida