Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Team Motion Shooting Drills- The Curl Action

In this team shooting workout in the Dish Lab, we focus on the curl action with a motion offense setting.

While Dr. Dish machines have been commonly known and used in an individual and small group setting, it’s also a great tool to help maximize team drills!

Check out the full drill in action below.

This drill is ideal for 6-10 players and players will rotate between the three lines on each wing and the top of the key.

While this video only has the drill worked on one side, make sure to flip it and work the other side as well.

Dr. Dish Passing Locations: Baseline and top of the key

Tempo: 4-5 (depending on talent level)

Also, make sure to switch lines to give players the ability to shoot off of different footwork (right-left AND left-right). In some scenarios, even a HOP footwork will work best for certain players.

As always, make sure to simulate game cuts and actions for the best results! Use this drill to increase engagement and to help set and achieve goals throughout the season OR off-season.