Drill of The Week

Dr. Dish is proud to be partnered with the University of Miami Women’s Basketball program and Head Coach Katie Meier! We’re excited to share and give our Dr. Dish Fam access to exclusive interview clips, drills, and a shooting challenge. This challenge will test players’ abilities as they focus on making consecutive 3-point shots while racing against the clock. For the complete details, be sure to watch the full breakdown in the video below!

Green Light Shooting Challenge

This shooting challenge was designed by Coach Meier when she noticed that a lot of players on court shoot the 3 but weren’t knocking ’em down. In order to be considered a three-point shooter in a game, Miami players need to earn their “green light” from this challenge. 

  • Players will go around the horn shooting threes for a total of 5 minutes.
  • Players can’t move to the next spot until they streak 2 in a row.
  • If a player can go around the horn twice streaking 2 in a row at each spot they earn the green light to shoot 3 point shots in a game. 

If you have the green light, Coach Meier won’t say anything in a game if you miss a shot or two because you earned it in practice. If you earned more of a yellow light from the challenge after a missed shot or two it might mean a conversation with coach on the bench. If you’re in the red, Coach Meier does not want to see any early 3-point shots in a game or you’ll find yourself on the bench.