Duquesne Search Update…

Interesting day at Duquesne. Earlier today, I mentioned that Monmouth head coach King Rice was “on fire” at Duquesne. Apparently it was just a small kitchen fire, and was extinguished quickly. He is not involved at Duquesne any more, but two new names are surfacing – Vermont head coach and Michigan State assistant coach Dane Fife.

Becker led the Catamounts to the America East Championship and a 29-6 record this past season. Fife has been on Tom Izzo’s staff for the past six seasons, and was the head coach at IPFW before that.

Interesting tidbit here…Fife is represented by Will Reece. The search is being run Bob Beaudine. History shows that Reece clients tend to get Beaudine jobs (hmmmm…). More on this one as I hear it.

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