Fordham Search Update

The search at Fordham has been narrowed down to a final group, and the decision could be made by as early as tomorrow. I’ve talked to a bunch of people around it, and here is what I’ve heard:

Tony Barbee (associate to the head coach Kentucky): Word on the street is that he is in the top half of the final group.

Carmen Maciariello (head coach Siena): Heard he’s gained a lot of momentum here of the past week or so.

Kyle Neptune (assistant coach Villanova): Multiple sources say Jay Wright is making a hard (hard) push for Neptune here.

Jared Grasso (head coach Bryant): – He’s being reported as “among the finalists”, but I’m still hearing that he’s out.

James Jones (head coach Yale): Sounds like he is/was the top guy, but most likely staying put?

Matt Langel (head coach Colgate): In the mix, but not sure where.

John Becker (head coach Vermont): See Langel above.

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