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The 2016 NBA Playoffs got off to a slow start but has since given way to some of the most exciting basketball in years setting up a much anticipated matchup in the finals between LeBron and the Cavaliers and Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors. Our 2016 NBA Playoffs Playbook features 208 plays from all 16 NBA Playoff teams and is a great addition to every coach’s library. Playbook by @HalfCourtHoops

Below is just a sample of plays you will find in the2016 NBA Playoffs Playbook. If you’re a FastDraw subscriber, click on the play diagrams below to send these great plays to your FastDraw account.

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Cleveland Cavaliers – Horns Rub

The Cleveland Cavaliers used this set early and often against the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Using a number of different options out of this set, Cleveland was able to score repeatedly on layups, lobs, and wide open 3 point looks. 

Oklahoma City Thunder – Stack Loop Rice

The number one set the Thunder run for Kevin Durant. Durant sets a high ballscreen out of stack and then dives to the rim. After he sets a screen for the man in the corner, and then receives a screen from the 5 man after he sets a ballscreen for the point guard.

Memphis Grizzlies – Punch Hammer

Memphis went small against the Spurs and set up this play out of a small lineup and posting Lance Stephenson. Knowing the Spurs would bring help and possibly a trap, they ran a flare/hammer screen out of it.

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