Hartford leaving D1, headed to D3

The University of Hartford released the following statement confirming their move from D1 to D3. Follow the link HERE for the full release and the comical FAQ section at the bottom:

After more than a year of discussions and information gathering, the Board of Regents voted to begin the multi-year process of transitioning the University of Hartford’s intercollegiate athletic programs from Division I to Division III.

As a result of careful consideration and due diligence, the Board determined that Division III’s approach to intercollegiate athletics better aligns with the University’s mission and goals of creating exceptional academic, co-curricular, and wellness experiences for all students.

In its deliberations, the Board recognized the many ways in which generations of student-athletes and athletics alumni represent the University in and out of uniform and acknowledged the significant positive impact they have had on our institution.


The transition to DIII is a complex, multi-year administrative process. This high-level timeline shares key milestones in that process and will be updated as we continue through the NCAA process.

Academic Year 2021-22

University of Hartford remains Division I.

January 2022: The University of Hartford submits a formal request to the NCAA for reclassification from Division I to Division III.

February 2022: The NCAA will act on the reclassification request. If approved, the University will work with the NCAA on the reclassification process, in preparation for active membership no later than September 1, 2025.

Academic Year 2022-23

University of Hartford remains Division I, but will not offer new athletic scholarships to incoming student-athletes. The existing athletic scholarships for all returning sophomores, juniors, seniors and grad students will be honored. The University may pursue additional competition opportunities as we seek provisional membership in a DIII conference.

Academic year 2023-24

The University of Hartford will pursue provisional membership in a new DIII conference, in anticipation of membership the following year. The existing athletic scholarships for all returning juniors, seniors and graduate students will be honored.

At the end of this academic year, any student-athlete planning to enroll the following year (2024-2025) will be asked to elect if they wish to continue to compete. If so, they will be repackaged on academic and need based aid. Depending on the student, this may be the same or similar packaging. However, if a student chooses to retain their full or partial athletic scholarship, they are able to do so, but will not be able to compete the following year under NCAA rules.

Academic Year 2024-25

University of Hartford administers its athletics program consistent with all NCAA DIII policies and procedures. All students will have been transitioned off of athletic scholarships if competing, per NCAA rules.

September 2025: University of Hartford begins active membership in DIII

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