Hawaii Settles With Former Head Coach Gib Arnold for $700K

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The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and former UH men’s head basketball coach Gib Arnold have come to a mediated resolution ending all legal disputes between the parties. Arnold has agreed to drop all claims against the university in return for a $700,000 settlement, which consists of a $200,000 payment to his attorney and $500,000 to Arnold spread over three calendar years.

“It’s time for the university to move past this chapter in the history of UH men’s basketball,” said UH Mānoa ChancellorRobert Bley-Vroman. “It is the best thing for UH and it is the best thing for the program. Now we can turn our full focus to the future and the players and coaches, as they prepare for the upcoming season.”

Going forward, enhancements have already been made to the compliance program at UH Mānoa’s Athletic Department, and additional controls surrounding its contracts have been implemented.

The NCAA enforcement proceedings continue irrespective of this settlement; although the hearing is being conducted today, a ruling is not anticipated for several months.

Settlement breakdown

  • $300,000 to be paid November 30, 2015 ($200,000 to Arnold’s attorney, $100,000 to Arnold)
  • $200,000 to be paid January 15, 2016
  • $200,000 to be paid January 15, 2017

Photo Courtesy University of Hawaii


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