Holloway, Copeland issue apologies following post-game handshake scuffle

Seton Hall head coach Shaheen Holloway and Wagner head coach Donald Copeland have both issued apologies following a scuffle between the two during the post game handshake following Seton Hall’s 72-51 victory yesterday.

Holloway and Copeland both played at Seton Hall, and have known each other for years.

Holloway’s statement:

“I take full responsibility for that,” Holloway said afterward. “I like Donald. Donald is like a little brother to me. I am super disappointed that that happened. As the bigger brother, I take full responsibility for it because it should have never happened.

“I’ve got to realize, when guys are competing, friendship and stuff like that go out the window,” he added. “He’s fighting for this team, and I respect it. Like I said, I take responsibility for that. I like Donald, I respect him. He’s a good person, a good player and a good coach.”

Copeland’s statement:

“I have a ton of respect for Sha. I always looked up to him coming up as a smaller guard. He’s a competitor, I’m a competitor, too. That’s probably a little bit of a part of it,” he said.

“I just try to coach my team. That’s what I focus on now, no matter who I’m playing. I want to coach my team from start to finish. I think it’s unfortunate what happened, for him and me. We’re two alums, Seton Hall means the world to me. That’s why the first thing I did was talk to my guys about the culture piece. That’s not how you react and behave. I’ll take responsibility for my part in it. I’m not going to go into what it was, but I want to coach my team from start to finish and that’s what I’m doing.”

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