HOT: Updated Wake Forest names and odds

The search at Wake Forest has been moving quickly with interviews taking place since early this week. Here is the updated list – today’s odds in GREEN, Saturday’s odds are in RED:

  • Steve Forbes (2 to 1 / 25 to 1) – Head Coach East Tennessee. Has shot quickly to the top of this search.

  • Wes Miller (3 to 1 / 4 to 1) – Head Coach UNC Greensboro. Sat in second place on Saturday – still sitting there today.

  • Pat Kelsey (16 to 1 / 20 to 1) – Head Coach Winthrop. Slight improvement in odds because he is now confirmed as involved, but still currently well behind the leaders.

  • Ryan Odom – (16 to 1 / 5 to 1) – Head Coach UMBC. Another confirmed candidate. Even $ with Kelsey here in the group behind the leaders.

  • Tommy Amaker (20 to 1 / N/A) – Head Coach Harvard. Not originally listed on Saturday, but is involved. Like most, I do not believe that he would leave the situation he has at Harvard for Wake.

  • Thad Matta – (22 to 1 / N/A) – Former Head Coach Ohio State. Another one not on Saturday’s list, but did interview this week. On addition to OSU, was the former head coach at Xavier and Butler and owns a 439–154 (.740) record. Still considered a long shot at this point.

  • Chris Collins – (35 to 1 / N/A) Head Coach Northwestern. A lot of smoke here since late Tuesday. Not sure of his true involvement, but there is something here. A very, very long shot at this point on Thursday.

  • Randolph Childress (50 to 1 / 30 to 1) – Acting Head Coach Wake Forest. Doesn’t sound like this one is staying in house.

  • Russell Turner – (50 to 1 /35 to 1) – Head Coach Cal Irvine. Made the early list. Never got any further than that.

  • Field (500-1 / 16-1) – Don’t bet the field. The choice is coming from this group.
  • John Beilein (OUT / 3 to 1) – Former Head Coach Cleveland Cavs / University of Michigan. Saturday’s early leader is now out of the race and off the board.

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