Russell Turner

HOT: Updated Wake Forest names and odds

The search at Wake Forest has been moving quickly with interviews taking place since early this week. Here is the updated list – today’s odds in GREEN, Saturday’s odds are in RED: Steve Forbes (2 to 1 / 25 to 1) – Head Coach East Tennessee. Has shot quickly to the top of this search.

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OFFICIAL: Cal Irvine Staff Update

Late last month, published two Cal Irvine staff updates (Cal Irvine Dirt, Cal Irvine Dirt II). The hirings that we mentioned have now been made official… UC Irvine head basketball coach Russell Turner has completed his staff with the hiring of three new members this summer. Blaine Taylor has been named an assistant coach,

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UC Irvine Dirt II…

Yesterday, mentioned some of the staff moves at UC Irvine (UC Irvine Dirt). In addition to those moves, head coach Russell Turner has also hired former Old Dominion Head Coach Blaine Taylor as an assistant coach. He will replace Nick Booker who departed for his alma mater Davidson College where he has become the

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