Assistant Coach – Uptempo Prep

School: Uptempo Prep
Position: Assistant Coach
Organization: Prep School

The Men’s Assistant Basketball Coach works closely with the Head Coach to give direction to, coach and coordinate the activities of the men’s basketball program and performs various instructional and athletic administrative duties to meet the Academy’s needs.

The Men’s Assistant Basketball Coach is responsible for working with the Head Coach in the organization of the men’s basketball program and various administrative duties within the athletics department. Essential responsibilities include assistant coaching, recruiting, off-season functions, and liaison functions. Other responsibilities include instructional functions, athletic administrative functions, athletic marketing and sports information functions, and athletic academic support functions.

  • Assist Head Coach in the following Coaching duties
    • Implementation of practice sessions
    • Providing strategic and tactical direction of team during game situations
    • Review, edit, collect and share game video
    • Maintain inventory and provide equipment support for athletes
    • Strength & Conditioning program
    • Travel to all home and away games
    • Transport student athletes to and from the practice facility
    • Uphold and Enforce rules and regulations of The Uptempo Academy
    • Assist in implementing reasonable and just disciplinary consequences to student athletes for violating rules and regulations and expectations of The Uptempo Academy
    • Perform periodic check-ins with student athletes who are being housed by The Uptempo Academy to ensure living quarters are being properly used and maintained
    • Live in the residence with the Uptempo Academy student athletes while upholding the rules and expectations outlines in the Uptempo Academy Housing Manual (Room and Board is optional).
    • Transport student athletes during the week to the gym and the college campus and drive to and from games using the Uptempo Academy van.
  • Recruiting
    • Identification of talent needs for program
    • Evaluate and contact perspective athletes and parents/guardians
    • Preparing and making offers in accordance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) , The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), and  The National Collegiate Athletic Union (NCAU)
    • Interacting with high school and college coaches to assist with athlete’s transitions into The Uptempo Academy and into other intercollegiate programs
  • Athletic academic oversight
    • Monitor student athletes’ class attendance
    • Track academic progress toward degree completion by student athletes
    • Implement an academic support system for student athletes
    • Assist in supervising team study sessions
    • Assist Head Coach in providing academic eligibility and success information to the athletic department and campus administration as needed to comply with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), and The National Collegiate Athletic Union (NCAU) rules and state and federal legislative requirements
  • Off-Season functions
    • Develop and implement off-season conditioning programs
    • Assist Head Coach in planning and running team and individual camps
    • Track athlete involvement with community service activities
    • Maintain regular contact with athletes
    • Travel / recruiting
  • Liaison functions
    • Maintain collaborative working relationships within the athletic, administrative, and faculty areas along with other related college support services
    • Maintain positive relations with community at large

Salary: $2,000/ month for 8 months (September 1st  – April 1st )

Applicant Information:

Candidates can apply by emailing resume and three reference letters to [email protected].

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