Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach – University of San Diego

School: University of San Diego
Position: Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: Commensurate with experience; Excellent Benefits.
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: WCC

Assists in the development and implementation of both the educational and the athletic components of the NCAA Division I program. Also assists in creating and implementing the general business operations of the program. This position receives general supervision from the Head Coach, and exercises direct supervision direct supervision of the student-athlete team, interns, student employees, volunteers.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Assist the head coach with teaching and coaching.

  • Assist with the organization, planning and implementation of daily practices.
  • Direct on-court coaching responsibilities (as assigned by the head coach).
  • Assist with the development and improvement of player skills. Work with individual players before and after practice, when requested.
  • Teach out-of-season, individual skill sessions, staying within the NCAA regulations for individual player workouts.
  • Video breakdown – evaluate game-by-game offense, defense, and player personnel. Watch and critique video with players as a team and individually.
  • Prepare scouting report for assigned opponents and present the report to the coaching staff and team when requested.


  • Assist in the identification and recruiting of academically and athletically qualified student-athletes for admission to the University with adherence to admissions and athletic department policies and procedures.
  • Pass the NCAA Coaches’ recruiting test annually. o Attend assigned summer recruiting sites and enter information into the recruiting data base.
  • Identify and evaluate high school and junior college talent through evaluation at games, tournaments, and film.
  • Weekly phone conversations with prospects.
  • Junior recruiting—Identify prospects and follow-up as requested by the head coach.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date phone logs, evaluation and contact reports through the utilization of Scoutware.
  • Review, sign and return phone, evaluation, and contact reports to compliance office.
  • Request transcript and test scores from recruits and follow up with appropriate calls to registrar and high school counselors.
  • Work directly with the USD admissions liaison and director of compliance in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Home Visits – Assist head coach with preparation and presentation. Participate in home visits when requested.
  • Unofficial visits- coordinate unofficial visits in keeping with appropriate NCAA regulations.
  • Official visits – Coordinate official visits, including travel, coordinating the involvement of current players, arrangements for meals and entertainment. Arrange for academic meetings with faculty members and for visitation to an academic class with one of the players. Provide tours of campus.
  • Respond to leads and inquiries in a timely fashion.

General Assignments

  • Involvement with all administrative and organizational aspects of NCAA Division I program under the supervision of the head coach.
  • Supervision of players in a coordinated and planned program of practices and competition, with a concern for the players’ health and welfare, physical and psychological preparation.
  • Serve as the liaison to the Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance and Student Services and follow up with recommendations or requests.
  • Submit countable athletically related activities report to the compliance office at the end of each month.
  • Possess knowledge of and adhere to all University, NCAA, and conference rules and regulations, policies and procedures, with special attentions to recruiting, eligibility, admissions, and financial aid.
  • Enforce University and athletic department policies and regulations with regard to use/abuse of alcohol and drugs by team members.
  • Assist with the preparation and budget projections for the yearly competitive schedule for approval by the Vice President for Athletics and the Senior Associate Director of Athletics. Consideration should be given to the academic life of student-athletes, i.e., missed class time, examination periods and other factors that would adversely affect their academic success.
  • Maintain professional growth by attendance at appropriate meetings, clinics, workshops, etc.
  • Assist with the layout and content of social media outlets.
  • Assist in the organization of any team and/or department awards presentations for student-athletes.


  • Assist head coach with the scouting of opponents.
  • Watch video of opponents requested by the head coach.
  • Provide detailed, written reports, and include information on offenses, defenses and individual tendencies, and any other information requested by the head coach.
  • Establish a video exchange program and provide video of as many scheduled opponents as possible. Respond to video requests from other programs when appropriate.
  • Scout team. Put opponent’s offense together for simulation.
  • Watch the NCAA Rules and Officiating Video each year and sign off on the NCAA required forms.

Job Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required.
  • At least two years of basketball coaching experience, preferably at the college level.
  • Understanding of NCAA rules and regulations strongly preferred.
Applicant Information:

Follow link below for complete job posting and application information.

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