Basketball Trainer – Pfahler Sport Specific

School: Pfahler Sport Specific
Position: Basketball Trainer
Position Type: Full-time

Are you highly energetic, and passionate about teaching the game of Basketball?

Pfahler Sport Specific is a new 21,000 square foot facility built in 2018 in Missoula, MT. With the growth of our business, we are looking for a full-time basketball trainer to teach the fundamentals of basketball to children of all ages. We currently train around 115 athletes ranging in age from 7-17. We are looking for someone highly positive and enthusiastic to create individualized, and productive workouts for a variety of skill levels of players. Workouts are based on the specific needs of each individual group and the areas in which they need improvement. All groups are scheduled based on comparable age and skill level.


Responsibilities: This position is primarily “on court” training. Trainer must be able to teach the athletes how to move their feet properly during a variety of ball handling and shooting drills. Other responsibilities required relate to the maintenance and general upkeep of the gym.

We will ask that you involve yourself in the community by attending local high school and grade school games for the purpose of recruiting potential future athletes.


Qualifications: Candidate must be a good role model and be conscientious of social media, as we value our good reputation in the community. Candidate must be highly skilled in basketball with a strong basketball background, preferably at the college/professional level. Experience is preferred, but not required.


We are looking for a confident and optimistic individual, who is personable and interested in building relationships with families who currently train in our gym. Are you a good fit for our strong PSS community? If so, we would be thrilled to have you on our team here at PSS. Email your resume with 2 references to [email protected] or call 425-241-1822 for questions.


Benefits: To be discussed

Applicant Information:

Email your resume with 2 references to [email protected] or call 425-241-1822 for questions.

Check out our Instagram @Pfahler_hoops and @pfahlersportspecific for more details.

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