Director of Operations – Marquee Hoops

School: Marquee Hoops
Position: Director of Operations

The Director of Operations for Marquee Hoops will be responsible for the following:

-Organize daily operations of the company.
-At all Marquee Hoops events, this person will be responsible for the following:
staffing, spectator information, referees, scorekeepers, housing, travel, shot clocks,
product orders and meals.
-Assist in the on-court execution and management of all events.
-Manage equipment inventory and transportation.
-Manage event setup and breakdown procedures.
-Responsible for ordering operational supplies.
-Create website registrations for every Marquee Hoops event.
-Organize all database and back-end information.
-Manage the storage process for the company.


Marquee Hoops is looking to fill this position by June, 2021. This is a 12 month position
that could be extended based on job performance.

Applicant Information:



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