Graduate Assistant Coach – University of Southern Indiana

School: University of Southern Indiana
Position: Graduate Assistant
Salary: tuition plus $8,000.
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division II
Conference: GLVC

Summarize in one brief statement the functions of the position

This entry level position is designed to allow an individual to experience all the duties performed by a college men’s basketball coach while earning a master’s degree at USI.



Primary duties 

  1. Perform duties in accordance with the Code of Ethics for coaches incorporated in the USIStaff Handbook.


  1. Ensure an educational focus and commitment to the academic success of each student athlete by assisting the staff members in the following:
  • Coordinate STUDY TABLE


  1. Assist the head coach with the organization and conduct of practices, conditioning activities, and competitive events:


  • Assist and monitor the off-season conditioning program and all countable athletic related activities


  1. Coordinate travel arrangementsfor “away” competitive events and practice sessions.
  • Arrange team travel
  • Arrange meals
  • Arrange lodging and meeting space
  • Secure practice times and facilities
  • Keep accurate records and provide business manager with receipts and information necessary for the accurate completion of University forms.


  1. Assist the equipment supervisor and managers with equipment and uniform duties, which include inventory, distributing, collecting and providing the head coach with recommendations for ordering.


  1. Assist in on campus recruiting activities:
  • Actively participate in campus visits


  1. Submit weekly countable athletic related activities report and calculate final end of season activity report.


Periodic duties

  1. Coordinate the summer basketball camps with the head coach.
  • Coordinate dates and facilities
  • Develop brochure and marketing strategies
  • Assist with daily operations
  • Serve as liaison to Continuing Education

Promote USI basketball and the University Southern Indiana:

  • Coordinate single session “goodwill” free admission camps at area schools
  • Coordinate community service by staff and team members (i.e. elementary school reading programs, community charity events, Toys for Tots, community food pantries)
  • Correspond with boosters, alumni and friends of the program.


9.Manage student athlete housing.

  • Fall/spring semester
  • Break periods
  • Summer school


10.Manage meals for team during break periods.


11.Coordinate all pre-game meals.


12.Coordinate team managers.

  • Serve as liaison to managers with facilities supervisor to coordinate visiting team practice accommodations.


13.Assist the head coach with daily administrative duties and other responsibilities as assigned.




Bachelor’s Degree required



High school or college basketball playing experience or student assistant experience preferred. 



General overall knowledge of college basketball preferred. Micro Soft Office, Synergy and social media proficient.

Applicant Information:

Send resume to [email protected]

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