Head Men’s Basketball Coach – Penn College

School: Penn College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: NEAC

This position is responsible for all aspects of the Penn College NCAA Division III Men’s Basketball program and will be expected to abide by and uphold the regulations of the NCAA Division III and NEAC. Specific duties will include the recruitment of qualified student-athletes, conducting and supervising practices and competitions, budget management, equipment inventory, supervision of assistant coaches, ensure the safety of all student-athletes at all times, and monitoring of student-athletes’ academic progress.

Abilities and Skills

*Demonstrated expertise in basketball. (Minimum)
*Ability to provide leadership, instruction, training, and motivation necessary for the athletes to compete to the best of their ability. (Minimum)
*Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in written form. (Minimum)
*Ability to work with a diverse population. (Minimum)
*Commitment and dedication to academic success. (Minimum)
*Strong organizational skills. (Minimum)
*Possession of a valid driver’s license. (Minimum)
*Successfully complete the annual NCAA “open book” rules test. (Minimum)
*Maintain current CPR/First Aid certification. (Minimum)

Responsibilities and Duties

-Organize and conduct practices, conditioning programs and competitive events. Instruct student-athletes with sound principles and expert skills related to basketball. (Essential)
-Prepare individual student-athletes and team for games. (Essential)
-Set season goals and motivate student-athletes using techniques that meet the needs of the students and that are consistent with the Penn College athletic program philosophy. (Essential)
-Develop a competitive program. (Essential)
-Manage, monitor and comply with the operating budget. Follow College and departmental policies regarding fiscal procedures. (Essential)
-Adhere to College policies and NCAA legislation regarding fundraising. (Essential)
-Know and abide by NCAA Division III regulations. (Essential)
-Schedule compliance sessions for student-athletes prior to the start of your season. (Essential)
-Maintain current roster and communicate any changes or additions to the Assistant Director of Athletics/Sports Information Director. (Essential)
-Ensure new student-athletes are cleared with athletic trainer and have completed compliance forms prior to participation. (Essential)
-Recruit, train and supervise assistant coaches. Conduct annual evaluations of all assistant coaches. (Essential)
-Comply with the policies and procedures outlined in the Coaches Handbook of Department Guidelines and Procedures. (Essential)
-Cooperate with athletic trainers to ensure student-athletes receive proper medical and physical training services. (Essential)
-Direct maintenance of equipment and uniform inventory, issuance, proper care and sanitation, collection, and storage in designated on-campus facilities. (Marginal)
-Model integrity, respect, and good sportsmanship at all times and hold assistant coaches and student-athletes accountable for the same behavior. (Essential)
-Collaborate with the Assistant Director of Athletics/Sports Information Director to promote the basketball program. (Essential)
-Respond to media requests via the Assistant Director of Athletics/Sports Information Director in manner that promotes professionalism and the mission of Penn College. (Essential)
-Attend departmental meetings, communicate regularly with the Director of Athletics and contribute positively to the betterment of the total athletics program. (Essential)
-Organize annual event that celebrates team and individual achievements such as an annual banquet, awards ceremony or other program that promotes tradition within the basketball program. (Essential)
-Promote the basketball team, the overall athletic program and Penn College with team alumni, parents and community members. (Essential)
-Engage Basketball Alumni and foster an Alumni base that annually supports the team and Penn College. (Essential)

-In compliance with NCAA Division III rules and regulations for Basketball, recruit student-athletes who meet the College’s admission requirements, who possess the potential to contribute to your team, and who will add positively to the student body. (Essential)
-Meet the recruitment and roster goals established jointly by the Director of Athletics. (Essential)
-Submit and discuss with the Director of Athletics an annual recruitment plan that outlines the coach’s efforts to recruit student-athletes that meet the specific needs of their program (e.g. skilled positions, number of graduating players, etc.) and who can excel athletically and academically at Penn College. (Essential)
-Represent the College at admission open houses and other events that involve prospective student-athletes. (Essential)
-Monitor the academic success of student-athletes and collaborate with other key personnel to promote academic success. (Essential)
-Support the academic development of your student-athletes through graduation. (Essential)

Collateral Responsibilities (Assistant Sports Information):
-Assist with website maintenance, social media updates, designing and producing game-day programs. (Essential)
-Assist with tracking statistics and writing game recaps at athletic events, as needed. (Essential)

Applicant Information:

Follow link below for official job posting and application information.

Link: https://jobs.pct.edu/postings/15707
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