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School: MADE Hoops
Position: Internship – MADE Hoops
Position Type: Internship

Create Your Name. That’s the opportunity that MADE Hoops provides young basketball talent across the country. Through our platform, rising stars of the basketball world begin their journey with us. At each event, a new star emerges. However, it’s not just the players that see their star rise with us. Through the MADE Hoops Internship Program, we also give aspiring basketball professionals the opportunity to gain real world experience while networking in a fast-paced, event management setting.

Whether you’re looking to become a college coach, a photographer, an event operator, a videographer, etc., the skills attained by working with our company provides each individual the opportunity to sharpen their skills in their quest to climb the basketball ladder.

Are you our next success story?

You were MADE for this. Create Your Name.

The Type Of Candidates We’re Looking For:

  • Passionate About Basketball
  • Proactive Problem Solver
  • Disciplined
  • Driven
  • Organized
  • Great Teammate, But Can Work Independently
  • Self-Starter
  • Can Work In A Fast-Paced Environment
  • Willing To Learn


“I MADE the decision to intern at MADE Hoops during my second year of graduate school and it was a turning point in my professional career. Prior to my internship experience, I had no experience in the sports industry and few noteworthy connections. During the time I spent working with MADE Hoops, I was introduced to not only prominent people in the grassroots industry, but I also learned how to operate within the industry in general. I learned so many concepts that I apply in my current position daily. The team at MADE Hoops is not only one of a kind, but also a deep resource of knowledge that I am thankful to have been apart of.”

– Gregory Cohen, Marketing & Events Associate, SLAM Media Inc.


“From the first time I worked at the MADE Hoops High School Academy Camp in 2018, it was easy to mold myself into the culture of the company. The family aspect of MADE Hoops is taken very seriously throughout the organization. The fast paced and elite environment doesn’t just apply to the players in the gym, but the staff as well; allowing you to network and grow both personally and professionally. If you put in the work, you will end up where you want to be. After spending time growing and learning as an intern, I can now proudly say I’m officially a MADE man, obtaining a full time job with the company this past fall.”

– Rob Noonan, MADE Hoops

“During the time that I was an intern with MADE Hoops, my experiences were nothing short of amazing. The MADE family is REAL! From the jump, the staff recognized my passion for the game, work ethic, and how I wanted to make an impact on the youth grassroots level and brought me under their wings to not only help me learn, but also explain to me what MADE was all about. They made it very clear why they do what they do, and gave me the opportunity to grow and show my worth while also taking in limitless knowledge that would help me both with MADE Hoops and in my future career endeavors. I can’t thank my MADE family enough, and I’m forever grateful that MADE Hoops and their staff will always be there for me, no matter what.”

– Rob Mastrogiovanni, Game Presentation & Live Entertainment with Atlanta Hawks/State Farm Arena


“I joined MADE Hoops in the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college. Prior to joining, my experience in basketball was limited, especially at a high level. Soon after beginning my internship, however, the staff at MADE gave me the opportunity to broaden my acquaintance with the sport when they offered me the chance to travel with them to work their events. Traveling and being around the sport for the duration of their high-level camps and tournaments provided me with valuable experiences that have made me a better collaborator and more well-rounded individual. Getting to know the staff has provided lasting friendships, relationships and connections in the industry of grassroots basketball that will retain value as I continue to pursue a career in the sport.”

– Casey Woodford, Penn State University Student Manager

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