Men’s Basketball Assistant Director of Operations – Campbell University

School: Campbell University
Position: Men's Basketball Assistant Director of Operations
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Big South

The assistant director of operations for men’s basketball is responsible for assisting the director of operations with the daily assistance of the men’s basketball program. Assist in scheduling, equipment ordering, camp planning and programming, marketing and sponsor finding and community service.  On the college level, the NCAA strictly prohibits the assistant director of basketball operations from coaching, assisting in coaching or recruiting.

Training and Experience

Must have experience in the program for which they work either as a former player or team manager. The position requires a bachelor’s degree in almost all cases to work at the collegiate level and most high school levels. The applicant must also have a strong network of coaches, administrators and assistants. This position is a branch of the coaching staff and is often hired directly by the head basketball coach.

Work Environment

At the collegiate level the work place will include the athletic offices, the practice facility, the home arena, the team bus and plane, and the hotel the teams stay in while traveling. It is an environment filled with athletes and coaches, as well as college administrators and fans. It also comes with a responsibility of acting as representative of the university in each location and with each person with whom the director interacts.
At the high school level the job is mostly done at the high school athletic offices and at the gym when the team practices and plays its games. There is some travel but it is mostly done with minimal overnight responsibilities.

Applicant Information:

Follow link below for official job posting and application information.

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