Men’s Basketball Graduate Assistant – North Central College

School: North Central College
Position: Graduate Assistant
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: CCIW

To coach a particular basketball specialty on a part-time basis, develop young men in the North Central College basketball philosophy, to participate in the overall men’s basketball program strategy, development and student-athlete recruitment.

1. Assist with all aspects of team recruiting strategy as assigned by the head coach; attend high school and junior college basketball games, as assigned during the season, visit high schools to meet with basketball recruits, call and write players and record recruiting action.

2. Coach a particular basketball specialty, organize (in conjunction with the coaching staff) standard practices and develop individual players in those positions.

3. Develop game day preparations, as assigned by the head coach and in conjunction with the coaching staff, by analyzing film, designing strategies, communicating with players in the specialty area and writing reports.

4. Execute game day preparation in conjunction with the coaching staff; analyze game performance primarily in the specialty area with players in designated positions.

5. Assist with monitoring the academic progress of all the players on the team, especially in the coach’s particular specialty, in connection with the coaching staff, assistant athletic director for eligibility/compliance and athletic director.

6. Assist with basketball organizational needs.

7. Develop and implement an on-going professional development plan as it relates to basketball in general, recruiting and basketball specialty area.

8. Complete other duties as assigned by the head basketball coach and athletic director.

Applicant Information:

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