School Position Date Posted
University of Southern Indiana Assistant Coach May 28, 2015
University of North Texas Assistant Coach August 19, 2018
University of North Georgia Head Coach February 27, 2019
University of Michigan at Dearborn Assistant Coach May 31, 2015
University of Michigan at Dearborn Assistant Coach/Head JV Coach June 2, 2018
University of Michigan Men's Basketball Director of Player Personnel June 28, 2019
University of California, Davis Director Of Men's Basketball Operations May 2, 2019
University of Antelope Valley Assistant Coach April 15, 2015
University of Alaska Fairbanks Head Coach April 26, 2018
University of Alabama at Birmingham Assistant Coach May 30, 2020
Troy University Assistant Coach April 5, 2019
The International Sports Academy at Andrews Osborne Academy Assistant Coach September 18, 2019
Texas Southern University Assistant Coach June 25, 2017
Texas Christian University Assistant Coach April 23, 2019
Tennessee Tech University Head Coach March 6, 2019