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School: Zero Gravity Basketball
Position: Operations Co-Op
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Zero Gravity Basketball is a youth basketball event operator based out of Wilmington, MA and is the  market leader of grassroots events throughout the Northeast, expanding to new markets in the South,  Midwest and the Capital District in the past 12 months. Zero Gravity plans and manages basketball  tournaments, leagues, prep school showcases, clinics and camps for children and young adults to  expand their academics through athletic participation. Zero Gravity has many established partnerships  including Adidas, USA Basketball and the Jr. NBA.

Job Description 

Zero Gravity Basketball is seeking a motivated and dependable, sports-minded individual that is  committed to being groomed into an operations expert who would make an excellent candidate to join  a Division 1 basketball staff. This individual will go through a paid 4 month (Mid February – Mid June),  career-growth oriented training program geared toward preparing an individual for becoming an asset  to a sports organization. Operations co-ops will be responsible for inventory management and event  management/operations while being mentored by the Director of Operations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Inventory management at the Zero Gravity Office and Storage Facility which includes but is not limited  to: maintaining, organizing, packing & shipping tournament supplies
  • Perform pro-active assessments of inventory and placing orders with Director of Operations as  necessary to replenish supplies
  • Manages the physical set up of events with the goal of creating a first-class tournament atmosphere  • Responsible for event clean-up & transportation of supplies back to the storage facility  • Assists in weekend tournaments operations including tournament and site directing  • Attend weekly staff meetings and other duties as assigned by Managers

Required Skills, Experience, and Abilities  

  • Recent graduate or current student of a 4-year college/university who has or is working towards a  degree in Sport Management or a related field
  • Desire to work for a Division I Basketball Program
  • Drive, ambition and motivation for success with an outstanding work ethic
  • Planning and organizing, can prioritize work activities; uses time efficiently
  • Ability to work in a demanding, fast-paced environment
  • Able to adapt to change and improvise in situations • Ability to work extended hours including nights  and weekends

About Zero Gravity Basketball 

Zero Gravity was born out of the need for every team at every grade level, boys & girls, in each club  basketball program, to have a fun and professional tournament experience each week. We have a  SIMPLE MISSION: every basketball player (boy or girl) can play on a great stage, against the appropriate  competition, in great venues with safe atmospheres, in an organized fashion on a weekly basis.

CUSTOMER SERVICE is our #1 priority before, during and after each tournament. We focus on the  experience of the PLAYERS, COACHES, TEAM-SUPPORTERS & PROGRAM DIRECTORS. Paying close  attention to all these groups is vitally important to fulfilling OUR MISSION & PROMISE to deliver a circuit  of exceptional basketball tournament weekend experiences. Zero Gravity provides the ability to plan a  club’s tournament season and outfit programs in high quality Adidas basketball gear and apparel.

In the rapidly changing world of technology & social media, ZG takes pride in being on the cutting edge  of grassroots technology. From our scheduling systems, means of communication to our customers &  exposure through social media we take pride in constantly being on top of trends & the high paced  realities of technology in our world today. Zero Gravity has become the destination for “every team” in  grassroots club basketball, from the elementary school developmental team to the High School team  competing on the National level, along with the coaches, program directors & team supporters that  provide & share the experience with them!

Applicant Information:

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Scott Geerling at [email protected].

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