Louisville Officially Fires Assistant Basketball Coach Kenny Johnson

The University of Louisville had officially fired assistant basketball coach Kenny Johnson according to a report by the Courier Journal. Johnson had been on administrative leave since October 6th for his alleged role in the current college basketball pay-for-play scandal.

A former assistant at Indiana and Towson, Johnson had spent three seasons on former head coach Rick Pitino’s staff. Both Pitino and fellow assistant coach Jordan Fair were officially dismissed by the university earlier this fall.

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  • Bop Jammer

    That makes sense, kenny was the “only one who had knowledge” of what was going on. Oh wait, that’s right, the court documents released prove at the very least that Pitino aka Coach 2 aka Little Piteeny was aware that someone out there was trying to payin Bowen some serious gwap to come play for that little turd. If he had anything resembling a sack he would fall on the sword for his assistants at this point. But as we see, he won’t, he’s only worried about preserving the lie of a career in basketball that he had. What good lesson could he have taught a kid that they aren’t looking back and saying “coach you told us if we do things right it’d all take care of itself, you were cheating the whole time.” Fools and hypocrites, all of these high major, HOF coaches. Loved hearing Boheim and acc coaches talk about how college basketball is in a great place. We’re all lookin around wondering WTF would it look like if it were in a bad spot???

    Hamilton at FSU says they need a commissioner that really understands college coaching??? Hahaha do we just interpret that as someone that gets this sort of thing is going to happen? Idiots and hypocrites the lot of em..