NABC Appoints 5 DI Head Coaches to Board of Directors

The National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) today announced appointments of five head men’s basketball coaches to its board of directors.

Northeastern University’s Bill Coen, Ed Cooley of Providence College, Frank Martin of the University of South Carolina, Purdue University’s Matt Painter and Gary Waters of Cleveland State University join the board in 2016-17.  

They fill one vacancy to replace 2015-16 NABC President Ron Hunter of Georgia State University and four vacancies created by coaches who are no longer actively coaching.

“We are very pleased that Bill Coen, Ed Cooley, Frank Martin, Matt Painter and Gary Waters have agreed to join our board of directors,” said NABC Executive Director Jim Haney. “They have all been active with committees and various NABC initiatives while bringing a broad perspective and additional diversity to our board.”

Below is the complete list of the 2016-17 NABC Board of Directors:

Jeff Jones, President (Old Dominion University)

Paul Hewitt, First Vice President

Bo Ryan, Second Vice President

Bill Self, Third Vice President (University of Kansas)

Charlie Brock, Fourth Vice President (Springfield College)

Page Moir, 2014-15 Past President

Ron Hunter, 2015-16 Past President (Georgia State University)

Lorenzo Romar, Director (University of Washington)

Gary Stewart, Director (Stevenson University)

Mike Brey, Director (University of Notre Dame)

Lennie Acuff, Director (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

Mark Gottfried, Director (North Carolina State University)

Jamie Dixon, Director (TCU)

Johnny Dawkins, Director (University of Central Florida)

John Calipari, Director (University of Kentucky)

John Thompson III, Director (Georgetown University)

Matt Margenthaler, Director (Minnesota State University)

Pat Cunningham, Director (Trinity (TX) University)

Bill Coen, Director (Northeastern University)

Ed Cooley, Director (Providence College)

Frank Martin, Director (University of South Carolina)

Matt Painter, Director (Purdue University)

Gary Waters, Director (Cleveland State University)

Tommy Amaker, Director (Harvard University)

Jim Boeheim, Director Emeritus (Syracuse University)

Tom Izzo, Director Emeritus (Michigan State University)

Ernie Kent, Director Emeritus (Washington State University)

Dave Archer, Director (National High School Basketball Coaches’ Association)

Bob Burchard, Director (Columbia College)

NABC Board of Directors Ex-Officio Members

Jim Haney, NABC Executive Director

Reggie Minton, NABC Deputy Executive Director

Brian Welch, CPA (Welch and Associates)

Dennis Coleman, NABC General Counsel, Ropes and Gray LLP (Boston, MA)

Daniel B. Adams, General Counsel, Ropes and Gray LLP (Boston, MA)

Rick Leddy, Board Secretary, NABC Senior Director of Communications

Dan Gavitt, NCAA Vice President for Men’s Basketball

Dan Guerrero, Director of Athletics (UCLA) and chair, NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee

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