Overtime Cats: Kansas State’s 9 Straight

Under second-year head coach Jermone Tang, Kansas State has developed a remarkable knack for winning overtime games. Their perfect 9-0 record in overtime contests over the past two seasons, including a flawless 4-0 this year, speaks volumes about their ability to thrive in pressure-cooker situations.

But what is the secret sauce behind their overtime success? While various factors contribute to a college basketball victory, certain statistical trends offer valuable insights into their winning formula. When the game enters overtime, Kansas State knows exactly what to do: get the ball inside. 

Paint Domination:

  • Shunning the long ball, the Wildcats focused on attacking the paint, shooting 64% of their shots in the paint at a blistering 78.8%.
  • This paint dominance translates into points, as K-State outscored their opponents by an overwhelming 55-22 margin in overtime when they got the ball inside.
  • Their aggressive play also draws fouls, resulting in a remarkable 81.8% free throw shooting percentage and 28 more attempts than their opponents.

Forcing Threes, Limiting Themselves:

  • While the Wildcats exploit their inside advantage, they force their opponents to rely on the three-pointer.
  • Opponents have struggled mightily, shooting a dismal 29% from beyond the arc, while the Wildcats themselves have only attempted a mere 11 three-pointers in overtime situations.

Lineup Efficiency:

  • Kansas State’s success extends beyond just strategy. Their coaching staff has a knack for identifying the right lineups for overtime situations.
  • In the 2022-23 season, they utilized 12 different lineups in overtime, with the top six lineups all seeing roughly the same number of minutes. Remarkably, all but one of the top five lineups averaged over 2.00 Points Per Possession (PPP)!
  • This season, the trend continues. While seven lineups have seen overtime action, three have played all but 19 seconds. These three lineups boast impressive PPPs of 1.435, 1.125, and 1.750 respectively. The most utilized lineup, featuring David N’Guessan, Tyler Perry, Dai Dai Ames, Cam Carter, and Arthur Kaluma, has played almost 65% of overtime minutes and outscored their opponents by 14 points alone.

Rebounding Prowess:

  • The Wildcats’ dominance extends to the glass as well. They have consistently outrebounded their opponents in overtime, pulling down 41 boards compared to their opponents’ 28 over the past two seasons.

This combination of strategic play, lineup effectiveness, and rebounding dominance paints a clear picture of Kansas State’s mastery in overtime situations. They have a winning formula, and they know exactly how to execute it when the game is on the line.

The Kansas State Wildcats’ remarkable overtime record begs the question: are they approaching the NCAA record? The answer is both intriguing and surprising.

The current record for most consecutive overtime wins in NCAA history stands at a staggering 14 games. Incredibly, this record is still ongoing, held by the Florida State Seminoles. They achieved this feat earlier this season with a thrilling overtime victory over the Colorado Buffaloes.

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