Playing Time? Top Lineups on the Year

Games Played thru Tuesday, January 16, 2024 This week, we embark on an analysis of the top 3 most-utilized lineups in college basketball and the squad that just keeps rotating! We will delve into the quantitative underpinnings of these rotations, exploring the percentage of possessions they consume and the underlying data that shapes their construction.

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Team Profile: Auburn Tigers

The Auburn Tigers are one of the hottest teams in college basketball, boasting a 13-2 record and #16 national ranking. Since a lone December hiccup against Appalachian State, they’ve embarked on an 8-game win streak, beating opponents with an average margin of 23.4 points. Efficiency Reigns Supreme Ball Movement and Hustle Fuel the Fire Neville

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Marquee Matchups

As 2023 draws to a close, college basketball fans are treated to a feast of high-level matchups! We’re diving into four marquee battles, each with a key stat that could swing the tide of victory. Buckle up, these final games before the new year promise not to disappoint. Creighton’s Stat to Track: Points.  In victories,

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The Grand Canyon State

With the 2023-24 college basketball season already one-third complete, non-conference schedules are drawing to a close and conference battles loom on the horizon. This week, we’re venturing to the Grand Canyon State to spotlight two rising contenders: the Pac-12’s Arizona Wildcats and the WAC’s Grand Canyon Antelopes. Both have established themselves as favorites in their

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Overtime Cats: Kansas State’s 9 Straight

Under second-year head coach Jermone Tang, Kansas State has developed a remarkable knack for winning overtime games. Their perfect 9-0 record in overtime contests over the past two seasons, including a flawless 4-0 this year, speaks volumes about their ability to thrive in pressure-cooker situations. But what is the secret sauce behind their overtime success?

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The Beehive State

Preseason predictions, rankings, and conference polls are intended to gauge where “experts” believe teams will finish in their respective leagues or divisions. However, this exercise becomes increasingly difficult each year due to rising roster turnover. Last season, only five Power 5 teams finished exactly where they were predicted (UCLA, Arizona, Washington, Michigan State and Iowa

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MTE Insights (Part 2)

This holiday week was packed with exciting Multi-Team Event (MTE) matchups, featuring a plethora of top-ranked teams. We were privileged to witness early-season favorites clash in high-caliber, competitive basketball games. Today, we’ll delve into the statistical factors that propelled two MTE champions to victory during Feast Week. Let’s uncover the details powered by Just Play.

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MTE Insights (Part 1)

Nothing signals the start of the college basketball season quite like preseason Multi-Team Events (MTEs). These tournaments offer a valuable early-season gauge of team performance for several reasons. First, they provide teams with the opportunity to play multiple games in a short span, an experience they will not encounter again until March Madness. Second, coaches

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Hoop Insights: The Numbers Behind a National Title

The Four Factors give teams the four statistical areas (efficiency, free throws, turnovers, and rebounds) that contribute to wins and losses. For many coaching staffs, this is a good starting point. For others, however, I believe it can be even simpler. Whether you’re deciding how many guys to send to the glass, how often to press, or what to run offensively, knowing whether your intention is to be more efficient with your opportunities or get extra ones is a good place to begin.

Hoop Insights: The Balance of the ‘Noles

by Aaron Hanshaw | Just Play Sports Solutions | Analytics Academy There are a handful of things in life that we’ve come to accept are inevitable. Death and taxes are the most commonly used examples, but there are others, too. In the college basketball world, even in a year where Duke and Syracuse may miss the tournament, one thing remains

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Hoop Insights: Ayo Dosunmu Keeps Getting Better

For the past two years, amidst moderate draft buzz, Ayo Dosunmu, the Chicago native has returned, been talked about in the preseason, and helped raise the level of the program. The Illini won 12 games his freshman year, 21 last year, and they’re on pace to pass that mark this year, now sitting at fifth in the country.