Team Profile: Auburn Tigers

The Auburn Tigers are one of the hottest teams in college basketball, boasting a 13-2 record and #16 national ranking. Since a lone December hiccup against Appalachian State, they’ve embarked on an 8-game win streak, beating opponents with an average margin of 23.4 points.

Efficiency Reigns Supreme

  • Offensively: Auburn boasts a nation-leading +18.6 scoring margin, averaging 83.5 points per game at a pace of 69.5 possessions per game. Their offensive efficiency shines, with a 1.2 points per possession average, and their late-shot clock possessions are particularly impressive. In the last five games, they’ve conjured 1.29 points per possession in late-shot clock situations, shooting a scorching 73.7%.
  • Defensively: Opponents struggle to find their rhythm against Auburn’s defense. They’re held to a meager 64.9 points per game, with their efficiency dropping further in various situations. Teams average just 0.90 points per possession in transition, 0.85 in the half court, and a mere 0.47 after a dead ball. This translates to a lockdown 60.4 points per game allowed in the last five contests.

Ball Movement and Hustle Fuel the Fire

  • Ball Movement: Auburn’s offensive prowess isn’t just about raw output; it’s about precision and teamwork. They rank 8th nationally with 64.5% of their baskets coming off an assist, averaging 18.7 assists per game. Sophomore Tre Donaldson orchestrates the attack, averaging 3.7 assists per contest overall and a dazzling 4.2 in the last five games, all while playing under 20 minutes.
  • Forcing Turnovers: The Tigers don’t shy away from pressuring their opponents. They’ve generated a 20.7% turnover rate in the last five games, averaging 14.6 turnovers per contest. This translates to 15.6 points per game off turnovers, showcasing their ability to capitalize on mistakes.

Neville Arena

Auburn’s home court, Neville Arena, is a fortress of orange and blue. They’ve amassed a 77-11 record there since 2017-18, and SEC opponents know the sting of defeat all too well, with a mere .346 winning percentage since 2014-15. This Saturday, LSU will face the daunting task of taming the Tigers in Neville Arena.

The Road Ahead

Auburn’s statistical dominance is a testament to their well-oiled machine. Their offensive efficiency, stifling defense, and home-court advantage make them a force to be reckoned with in the SEC and beyond.

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