PDF: Pitino Sues University of Louisville Athletic Association

Rick Pitino has filed a lawsuit against the University of Louisville Athletic Association. He is looking for $4,307,000 per year through June of 2026 for breach of contract. According to the document, Pitino claims that he maintained (and demanded compliance) in his program. This is a pretty interesting read if you can get through all 18 pages…

Full Lawsuit can be found here:

Richard A. Pitino v. University of Louisville Athletic Association.

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  • Bop Jammer

    UNBELIEVABLE. What a little turd he is… he’s a cheater and a liar. “Flunk” him and all the coaches that are in the same boat, which is a lot of them. They ruined college basketball and these schools and the NCAA are just ready to get back to business as usual. These head coaches all know what’s going on in their programs especially when it comes to recruiting so don’t believe any of their lies. There is no possible way petino can convince anyone that’s not a complete moron that he didn’t know what was going on. Go back and Look at the court documents and it’s undeniable, he clearly knew what the asking price and what needed to happen ($100,000) for Bowen to come to Louisville and he ended up at Louisville. We should just believe that at the last minute after little Ricky got of the phone in the court documents he had a change of heart and just convinced Bowen to play by the rules and come to Louisville for free. Hahaha classic…All that considered little Ricky should just shup up and go away. If anyone ever kicks his a$&, he should immediately thank them.

    NCAA should hit the reset button, Fire them all and ban them from coaching at the high major and mid major levels for 5 years. If they’re such great coaches and don’t need to cheat to win, Let them go turn around all these lousy low major programs that make up the swac, southland, wac, summit, etc. and make them competitive. It’s be great for college basketball!