REPORT: Concordia’s Kollar to return following investigation

According to a report from CBS News Chicago, D3 Concordia University Chicago head men’s basketball coach Steve Kollar will return to his coaching duties following an investigation surrounding the hospitalization of six of his players after a workout.

The report states that, Concordia Director of Athletics Pete Gnan sent a letter to parents, students, coaches, and training staff which said that all six players who were hospitalized due to rhabdomyolysis – a condition brought on by muscle damage from too much exercise – have been released from the hospital. Rhabdomyolysis can be life-threatening.

Gnan’s letter reads in part:

“We believe the intensity of the practice contributed to the students’ illness when combined with other factors including, but not limited to, an immediate return to full activity after an extended break, cross-country travel, rest, hydration and nutrition.”

“The health of each student will be continuously assessed on an ongoing basis and will be used to determine when each is cleared to return to practice. Once student-athletes receive formal clearance to resume activity, they will enter into a gradual return to practice and game competition over a period of two weeks.”

“The University and athletic administration has full confidence in Coach Kollar and believes that he has the best interests of our student-athletes in mind. Assistant Coach Rashaan Surles will continue to oversee the day-to-day team practices and game competition in the near term, and we look forward Coach Kollar’s return to head coaching duties in the weeks ahead. On Jan. 13, he will return to campus to resume his off-court, administrative responsibilities. As a private employment matter, the University cannot disclose additional details of Coach Kollar’s temporary absence from the basketball court.”

Concordia has postponed three games so far, and will not play this coming Saturday either.

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