REPORT: Creighton, TCU Assistant Coaches took bribes in Pay-for-Play scandal

An assistant coach from Creighton and an assistant coach from TCU have been implicated in the on going college basketball pay-for-play scandal.

A report from Yahoo Sports identifies Preston Murphy of Creighton and Corey Barker of TCU as coaches who accepted $6,000 payments from middleman Christian Dawkins.

According to the report, “prosecutors allege that Dawkins paid $6,000 to an assistant from each school in separate incidents during July 28, 2017, meetings inside a Las Vegas hotel room. An undercover FBI agent was also present. The coaches were paid “in exchange for [the coach’s] agreement to steer certain student-athletes [the coach] coached to retain Dawkins and the services of Dawkins’ company, once those athletes entered the NBA.”

“No new charges have been added,” wrote Geoffrey Berman, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, in court documents.

This report comes not long after the news broke yesterday that LSU’s Will Wade was caught on a wiretap discussing a recruiting “offer.”