REPORT: Nickelberry, Howard University sued by two former players

According to a Washington Post report, Howard University and Head Basketball Coach Kevin Nickelberry have been named in a lawsuit by two former players. The suit alleges that Nickelberry “misled the players about the nature of the program and showed gross negligence that led to physical, emotional and financial harm.

Also, according to the report, the former players Ausar Madison and Kai Tease, claim “Nickelberry verbally and emotionally abused them, ordered them to practice β€œin a manner that routinely and methodically exceeds what is allowed under NCAA regulations,” and refused to follow through on promises of athletic scholarships.

The players claim that the excessive impermissible practice sessions led to injuries which derailed potential professional careers.

Nickelberry has been the head coach at Howard since 2010 where he has compiled a 79-177 record. He also spent three seasons as the head coach at Hampton University (2006-09), and served as an assistant at Clemson, Charlotte, Holy Cross, and Monmouth.

A PDF of the complete lawsuit can be found HERE.

More on this lawsuit as it develops.


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