Tuesday Starting Five – 3/29/16


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By Gibson Pyper / HoopDirt.com Contributor

This week’s Starting Five features the best plays, sets, and actions from the Women’s NCAA Sweet 16 and Elite 8.

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Texas Box Elevator

Texas women run a nice elevator set designed to show a post up and then a fake cross screen. They really sell it well and then utilize the elevator screen nicely.

Texas – Box Elevator

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Stanford End of Game Flare

Needing a score at the end of the game against Washington, Stanford drew up a nice flare set. After some initial misdirection, the big sets a flare screen for a guard in the weak side corner.

Stanford – End of Game Flare

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South Carolina Zone Corner

South Carolina ran a great zone set designed to make the low man on the outside of the zone make a decision. After some initial cutting and through action, the shooter sits in the middle of the zone. The big and guard both crash inside looking to screen on the outside defender low and the shooter cuts under the zone to the corner forcing the defense to make a decision.

South Carolina – Zone Corner

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Oregon State Indy Rip Back

A great counter out of Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics Indy Series, this is designed beautifully. After the initial action, a guard cuts off a backscreen into the paint and then sets a backscreen after an elbow to elbow pass.

Oregon State – Indy Rip Back

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Florida State After Time Out Elevator

After a time out to start the quarter, Florida State ran a triple screen into an elevator screen. Similar to San Antonio Spurs Loop or floppy action, then into a backscreen before elevator doors for a guard.

Florida State – After Time Out Elevator

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