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By: Gibson Pyper / HoopDirt.com Contributor

The Villanova Wildcats won the 2016 National Championship in dramatic fashion Monday night, with a great pitch set after a time out. They run a terrific 4-out motion offense that Randy Sherman broke down several times in the build up to the title game this season. Today we are going to look at some of the best sets Villanova ran this season, and why they were effective.

Villanova – Pitch Winner

The title game came down to a last possession, last second shot after a time out by Jay Wright. Starting with a high ballscreen to free up the guard, Kris Jenkins trailed the play after he inbounded the ball. While trailing the play Ryan Arcidiacono drove into 2 North Carolina players and pitched the ball back to Jenkins trailing for the game winning 3.

Pitch Winner

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Villanova – Horns Stagger

Horns sets have become more and more popular with Jay Wright over the last few seasons, and this one is designed to free up shooters. After using either of the ballscreens in Horns, both bigs move to the same wing and set stagger screens for guards, after the first guard clears, they continue for the guard on the other wing. They also have a counter built into this set for Kris Jenkins to flare out after and look for a shot, which works because usually big men are taught to show on screens and Jenkins will typically be open off it.

Horns Stagger

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Villanova – Hook Rip 2-Man

Another set with a guard post up option, Villanova runs Hook action where the big screens down for a guard and the guard rejects it with the big opening up to receive the pass. After the guard passes to the big opening up, he receives a backscreen from the 5 man into the post. Out of this they play a 2-man game with options for a guard post up, dribble hand off or a pick and roll.

Hook Rip 2-Man

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Villanova – Zone Breaker

Against a zone, Villanova runs a great set designed to make the defense guard 3 players with 2 men. An initial ballscreen on one of the guard at the top, the lead guard slips to the wing. The 5 man flashes to the high post and the guard in the corner dives to the short corner and the set has 3 options from there. The guard on the wing, the big flashing, or the guard in the short corner over the top-this forces the defense to guard all 3.

Zone Breaker

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Villanova – 1-2-2 Press

Villanova runs a soft-to aggressive 1-2-2 full court zone with some traps and aggressive plays out of it. Typically they look to get steals in the corners around the half court line, but this can also be used to slow the game down. By running this press they can get the shot clock into the 20’s before the opponent can even start to setup their offense.

1-2-2 Press

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