Tuesday Starting Five – 2/16/16


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By: Lucas Shapiro / HoopDirt.com Contributor

Boston Celtics – 13 Curl

When you have a few baseline out of bounds plays in a game, why not try to capitalize on them when the defense is vulnerable and score every time? This screen the screener set is a great way to get a player who likes operating around the free throw line space.


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 California Golden Bears – Box Stagger Flare

I liked this set to open up the game because there was a lot of off ball movement. This looks like it was a read by Jaylen Brown who decided to flare the stagger screen. His defender was ready to pick him up off of the stagger screen and Brown noticed this. That led to an open three-pointer.


Get California Golden Bears Box Stagger Flare Here

Duke Blue Devils – Zone Baseline Runner

Duke opened up the second half with this quick hitter to get Grayson Allen an open three-pointer. They were ready for Louisville’s 3-2 zone and simply had Marshall Plumlee set a screen. This is a great way to knock a team’s confidence in their defense early on to make the opposing coach question what they are doing.


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Virginia Cavaliers – Flex Corner Exit

This was a great read out of the timeout by Tony Bennett and Malcolm Brogdon. He anticipated the defender going on top of the flex screen instead of under and used the screen instead to get an open three-pointer. This is yet another set to get an easy look for your players off of a read.


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Golden State Warriors – Down Stagger

The best shooter in the world does not hit a high percentage of shots simply because he’s a great shooter. He also does this because he gets high percentage looks like this one. This play is spaced out well so that it allowed Stephen Curry to run his defender into his own teammates before he went around a staggered screen.


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